Breaking silence

Didn't post anything for a whileas I was far too busy with other stuff. My spring was quite hectic in Work (had 7 business trips since beginning of April) and I was organizing the miniature side of Ropecon 2019. Both went well, but didn't really have the push to write anything here.

Well as I was organizing the Ropecon, it allowed me to also organize some events that I have wanted to have there. Most important was Armies on Parade competition. As I decided it was best to run as a public vote, I also got to participate myself. I made a (smallish) display board for my shadow elves and also finished them to full 8 points Saga force (actually I'm still missing a wizard from that, but well close to it).

I'll write more about how I made the board, but this is about the miniatures.

The first pics are also from the first game I had with them. I introduced my friend to Saga age of Magic and to the second edition of Saga and he used my Undead force. So it was quite a nice chance for pics as I had two of my own forces on my own table. The pics are only from the deployment though.

Then I had some mock up scenes to show the new stuff:

Finally some pics of the new models.

The old forest dragon is a model I have always loved. I used to own one, but sold it. Actually this was my fourth "S dragon" and the first I actually finished. Went in with naturalistic look with lots of glazes. Tested out also the new contrast paints a bit. Nice paints, but nothing special when I have worked with acrylic inks for a long time. I swapped the body and head from the rider for a high elf hero bit I had lying around, made it bit more militaristic with the armour. I maybe should still add a lance pennant for the model.

Then my Paladin. He's an old school dark rider (that I really like), with a spear tip swapped with one from the island of blood, on top of a Gamezone Pegasus without wings. He was supposed to have those wings, but they were so horrible I decided to leave them out. The rider doesn't really support the charging stance of the horse, but maybe it's just galloping really hard. This guy also should have a shield, I forgot to do it.

Then some filling of ranks. From left to right the models are:
Standard Oathmark model straight from the box, as I wanted to one
Eternal guard with a crossbow from old Dark elf kit
Oathmark body, eternal guard head and crossbow from dark elves, I don't like this model at all
Eternal guard with oathmark bow hands, this one I like quite a bit
Oathmark elf with zweihander from the Perry foot knights box, it has a nice Highlander feel
and finally a second model I don't like, eternal gaurd with oathmark hands, GW 4th ed spearelf shield and a (broken) dark rider crossbow at the back. Actually better without it.

And finally some knights that I kitbashed from the magnificient (really, some of the best miniatures I own) V&V Byzantine cavalry with Oathmark shields, feather plumes and speartips on steel rod spears. Byzantine armour has really elven feel. I originally was going to change the helmets for more pointy ones, but they were already quite pointy from the box, so decided to just add the feathers and I have to say I'm quite happy with the result.


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