Breaking silence

Didn't post anything for a whileas I was far too busy with other stuff. My spring was quite hectic in Work (had 7 business trips since beginning of April) and I was organizing the miniature side of Ropecon 2019. Both went well, but didn't really have the push to write anything here.

Well as I was organizing the Ropecon, it allowed me to also organize some events that I have wanted to have there. Most important was Armies on Parade competition. As I decided it was best to run as a public vote, I also got to participate myself. I made a (smallish) display board for my shadow elves and also finished them to full 8 points Saga force (actually I'm still missing a wizard from that, but well close to it).

I'll write more about how I made the board, but this is about the miniatures.

The first pics are also from the first game I had with them. I introduced my friend to Saga age of Magic and to the second edition of Saga and he used my Undead force. So it was quite a nice chance…

Reinforcements for the Shadow Elves

After playing my first game with the force, with some back up from older armies, I got good motivation on getting more soldiers done. Thus I built and painted ten more infantry:

Models from left to right:  Unconverted White lion standard, Shade with a weapon swap and new haircut from green stuff, unconverted white lion hornblower, Oathmark elf with Perry mounted spear, Oathmark elf with GW spearelf head and Perry archer hands, Oathmark elf with Perry men at arm hands, Swordmaster champion with new sword and shield, , Maiden guard with Oathmark head and Perry axehead, GW spearelf body with dark elf crossbow arms and an Oathmark head and finally an Avatars of war Dark elf hero with most of the spikes removed and weapons changed.

And here is the merry bunch.

First try of Age of Magic

In a series of first tries of new games, it is now turn of one of the most anticipated by me; Saga Age of Magic.

My friend visited Salute in UK and brought us some advance copies of the book, which was nice. I believe it was the first time I have played a game before its official release.

I played with my Feudal Fantasy Freefolk against fanatical empires. We agreed that I could use the nature magic with my great kingdoms even if it is normally not allowed.

The game works great, which was the assumption as it is Saga, which is a great game. The new additions feel pretty balanced. Although Magic felt bit compulsory as it gives quite good bonuses with pretty low price. It is understandable though as it Is the Age of Magic. We played my bipedal tree creatures with an armour of 5/5 by accident, which perhaps made them bit too good. They destroyed half of the opposing army, before got exhausted and were blasted away by a single cannon shot.

Here are some in action shots:

Starting positions.

Four way Erehwon

We played a big four player Warlords of Erehwon match few weeks ago. The system works very well in the multiplayer format. The game was also a treat, as we were playing with old friends and everyone had got some new stuff for the occasion. We used Age of Sigmar Open war cards for the scenario bit modified, so that we had three objective cards, and each of us had a secret objective and a twist. It has been some time after the game, so details have lost in time (like tears in rain), but here are some action shots:

The board.
My elves deployed.
Janne's elves deployed.
The view to Undead and knightly side.
My king took the front charge.
Birds eye view.
Knights advance, Lauri had painted the whole army for this game. Great effort.
They were supported by a bear.
Overall view.
The undead advance.
Prince takes damage and pins.
The other elves go for the knights.
Village side of the table.
In game action.